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About Manifestation of Shadows

A Kinship forged from the shadows cast by Angmar.  A Kinship destined to rise above the darkness

and rid all of Arda from evil.  We travel Middle-Earth aiding all free-folk in need of any conquests against

 the ever-spreading veil of darkness.  The Witch-King, constantly trying to thwart the ranks of the Shadows, with no avail.

When the time comes, we will spring from the shadows from which we manifest, and deliver all evil back to the abyss!

We are… The Manifestation of Shadows!  

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Welcome to the Shadows!

by Thordrym, 2361 days ago

Welcome to the Manifestation of Shadows… we’re glad you’ve chosen to join our Kinship!! We’re an active, social kinship and hope you’re ready for fun fellowships, raids and Kinship events!

The MoS Officers are here to aid you in any way we can; whether it be questing, deeding, crafting, lore, or questions about the game. We have a very knowledgeable staff, and we’re here to help!

Although we like to exercise fun and adventure, we also would like to make sure that we keep our conversations appropriate for the young’ns sake. Swearing is generally acceptable, but abusive language towards any kinsman/kinswoman is not tolerated.

We strongly encourage crafting. Although this is just one way that you can contribute to the kinship, it is perhaps the most important… the more craftsmen we have in each of the professions, the less likely it is that one of us will have to change characters to make an item…

Be sure to check out our rules and regulations in the Member’s Forum.

We look forward to seeing you in Middle Earth!

- Manifestation of Shadows Officers

PS - If you haven’t setup Ventrilo yet, please see the message in Forums > Member Discussion > Ventrilo or talk to one of the Mos Officers.

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